In the midst of a global crisis, Florida seems lucky to have people who believe in local solutions. From St. Lucie County, Glenis Fernandez, an ordinary citizen, was selling $5 facemasks throughout the country, and Patrick Van Negri jumped in to spread the word, handle orders and shipment, and finance the entire philanthropy. The news has been public since the beginning of May and we have gathered all the details here.

Patrick Van Negri’s role in this work of solidarity

As said in advance, Glenis Fernandez is not a person of public notoriety. She is voluntarily making the facemasks from her residence in Port St Lucie, but she probably would not be able to promote her labor through the whole country on her own. Patrick Van Negri, content creator and public figure, is supporting and diffusing this contribution:

  • On May 1, he shared the news with his nearly 200,000 Instagram followers: the publication included a photo of him and the hashtag #GlenisPatrickMasks.
  • He announced that he would also be financing Glenis’ work.
  • Patrick Van Negri would also be managing the distribution of these masks nationwide alongside Esther Fernandez (@thestrikinglook).
  • He set up a delivery form for Americans to request their facemasks.

The Instagram publication does not define a precise time for the delivery of masks, but Patrick announced on his comments that he shipped it last week. Additional information is available on Patrick’s personal blog, Instagram, Facebook, and other social profiles. There he also insists that you order your mask only if you really need one and asks you to help him spread the news. You can make your order via his website, or share it to someone who is really in need of one and cannot afford to buy one, or is out of luck in finding one.

Interaction between Patrick and his followers about the masks

The comments section in Patrick’s most recent publication on masks has served as a means of almost real-time interaction. A grateful attitude is perceived in most of his fan community. Many have used the comment section to make their requests directly or to ask for more details. Apparently, Patrick has been able to respond to most of them.

Instant high-demand & positive reactions

Patrick’s Instagram publication about this contribution has so far more than 10,000 likes and 2,000 comments from his followers. There are not more Patrick’s personal posts about the subject on any other social networks.

The news seems to have spread rapidly among Instagram users and everything indicates that there have been no problems with the development of the contribution of Glenis and Esther Fernandez and Patrick Van Negri.

Taking into account the reaction of the Instagram community, the hashtag #GlenisPatrickMasks will most likely serve as inspiration for others. This is certainly a key publication to spread positivity even more known as an influencer, which he well deserves for his benevolent association with Glenis.

Latest Updates
It seems from Patrick’s comment section that most of the face masks were shipped out, and while we are awaiting Patrick’s new updates, we are excited to see posts and photos from people that might already receive the face masks because it is all about that. By now, the demand should be very high, and we even saw Patrick considering opening a GoFundMe fundraising campaign to keep this going and help everyone who genuinely needs help. He posted a story of getting over 500 orders in just a couple of first hours of publishing the Instagram post. There are still no posts about this on his other social media platforms, but we will keep an eye on them.