By Daphne Michaels, Special for The Time USA

Let’s face it, letting go of negativity is an art form, and unfortunately in today’s world we get to practice it regularly. We are surrounded by chaos, failure and despair. Spinning in negativity — even for an hour can literally change the course of your life forever. If you allow it to get the best of you, you will undoubtedly push people away; miss opportunities and even unconsciously program yourself to make poor choices about work and life. When it comes to spinning in negativity, the stakes are very high.

The good news is that there are three simple steps to stop the spinning.

Step One: Become aware of the cracks in your armor — meaning, the breakdown of your instinct to be your best self. This instinct breaks down when we feel insecure, overwhelmed or troubled in some way— and through the cracks in our armor, negativity can rapidly seep in.

Step Two: Focus on a power image. A power image is any vision that carries power for you personally. For example, a beautiful sunrise, or watching fresh snow fall, or seeing a powerful wild animal. Power images bring a sense of awe. They also interrupt what I call the neurology of negativity and this stops the spinning.

Step Three: Create a plan. How will you repair the cracks in your armor so that you are back on track to actualizing your human potential?

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Daphne Michaels is a leading expert in human potential and author of the Amazon #1 bestselling book, Mountaintop Prosperity: Move Quickly to New Heights in Life, Work and Money. She is endorsed by the national media and listed with the top-rated All American Speakers bureau. Daphne is a regular guest offering business advice and expert commentary on The Price of Business and other nationally syndicated BizTalk radio programs.

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